At a loss help plz


Jan 31, 2010
So I am at my Mom's house helping her with her pc and I noticed something odd only her browser can connect to the internet. Messenger can't steam can't (ya i installed just to see lol) windows update wont even coonect. yet browser works fine. Even news updates on desktop have stopped and anti- virus updates all stopped on July 7th it looks like. That was the last time the anti virus software updated as well as the news

I restarted in safe mode even disabled firewall just to see but nothing works its vista home edition any help would be awesome


Aug 3, 2006

Not sure what messenger can't however the browser actually still works. What anti-virus are you using?

Personally it sounds a lot like some sort of a firewall program was installed back in July that blocked all traffic but port 80(browser HTTP).

Since it wasn't smart enough to let the anti-virus still update I'd say it was a different manufacturer or she may have spyware which is limiting other traffic(I know sounds crazy).

In which case you can download some scanners such as spybot adaware etc to scan/clean(assuming you can download stuff still or can bring on a usb drive).