News At Last: Noctua's Legendary NH-D15 In All-Black (And Two More)

Wow, finally Noctua made a cooler I would buy.

Its still ugly tho. Literally no attempt at styling the cooler other than coloring it.
When it comes to CPU coolers I would take function over form any day of the week. They could make the NH-D15 in banana yellow only and I would still buy it. Yes I do have a NH-D15 cooling my Ryzen 1800x and it so wonderfully cool and quiet.


Well, this must have been a pretty popular move, because the Noctua website has been INACCESSIBLE all day. Seems black Noctua coolers has broke the internet, or at least Noctua's website anyhow.

As for the price, the black NH-D15 is going for ten bucks more than the standard D15. That is likely due to it being new, and availability issues since Noctua themselves are the only seller currently on Amazon.

Both are exactly ten bucks more than the standard edition. Which makes sense actually when you consider that the black fans, by themselves, cost more than the standard edition brown fans when bought separately anyhow.