Question At sea over Raid failure


Jan 27, 2015
My Supermicro X9DR3 m/b running Server 2008R2 had a failed drive on a Raid10 array. I fumbled around until I figured which drive was bad, replaced it, and now don't know what to do. My other drive is a Raid1, which has the OS.

When Bios starts up, you eventually are offered Ctrl+I to get into a raid program. It says there's an unallocated disk and a Raid10 marked "rebuild". There's also a note on the screen saying "Volumes marked rebuild are rebuilt within the OS". There are no menu choices besides delete and create.

As I'd hope, the system boots fine (that's the point of Raid10 and 0), but nothing happens to indicate the system knows or cares there's a limping array. Server Manager says everything is fine, Intel RST user interface shows no useful information, not even the existence of the Raid arrays. Disk Management has never shown any knowledge of RAID stuff, so it shows a good drive for the array and an unallocated drive.

Unfortunately, the Raid10 array has the System Reserved on it, so I can't just re-create the array and restore it from backup. I work with this stuff so rarely that none of it makes much sense. We're a very rural small medical office and I'm just the unlucky husband of the owner, acting as volunteer IT.

Any suggestions on how to proceed?