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In the merger deal, the AT&T Wireless brand will be returned to parent AT&T
before the end of this year. This means that what is currently AT&T Wireless
will be rebranded as Cingular.

(Wall street fears that AT&T may rescucitate AT&T Wireless as a new
competitor, but where would they get spactrum ?)

AT&T Wireless has been profusely bleeding customers for the last few months
(in part due to number portability).

What I find interesting is that the media all mention that AT&T is GSM shop
and never mention that it is in the midst of transiting from TDMA to GSM.

In the case of Rogers, do customers with old TDMA phone have to pay the big
bucks to move toa GSM phone ? If that was the case with AT&T in the USA, it
might be the bigger reason why AT&T was losing customers since by moving to
Verizon they probably could get much sweater deals on the phone.

In Canada, if Rogers doesn't offer sweet deals to exchange old TDMA phone with
GSM ones, it might be a good opportunity for Fido to steal Rogers customers.


May 19, 2002
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On Fri, 23 Apr 2004 17:55:42 -0400, JF Mezei
<> wrote:

>(Wall street fears that AT&T may rescucitate AT&T Wireless as a new
>competitor, but where would they get spactrum ?)

They would be a virtual operator just as Virgin Mobile is a virtual
operator who uses the Sprint PCS network.

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