Question AT&T not giving the low latency I expect

Sep 19, 2020
I have fairly decent fiber internet from at&t but for some reason it has some really bad latency issues. For example , if I am playing a game such as League of legends or Rainbow Six: Seige I could have an average of maybe 30-60 ping but thing thing is there is a constant spike in that putting me around 200-300 ping. I’m really not sure how to go about this especially since I’m really not that tech savvy in this sense.
First be sure to only test on ethernet. Wifi even on the very best systems will get random large latency spikes.

There are many things that cause games to get spikes that are not even network related...even though the programs blame the network. For example a video driver could get stuck for a small time and the delay caused many games blame on network.

Leave a constant ping run to some very common IP like in a background cmd window. When you see issues in the game see if the ping see the same issue.

The next step if there is delay in the ping to is to try your router IP and the ISP first router. You can find the IP address of the ISP router by running tracert The ip in hop 2 is normally the first IP router.

Generally you are not going to get stuff fixed past hop 2 but if you find no issues to your router and the first ISP router you can try other IP you find in the trace.