AT&T Router and modem questions

Aug 30, 2018
Hello all, So I just purchased a home. I saw my new home was able to use the AT&T fiber for internet and so far it has been great. I do need some help though... I own a netgear Nighthawk XR500 ( I think that's right ) and When they set up my internet I got a bridged router and modem and while it runs great I still prefer the Nighthawk... The Security System installer I was talking to told me to just plug my old router in and have 2 routers so I tried that and my Nighthawk doesn't get internet for some reason. SO do I need to unbridge the routers? Should I call at&t to come out and do it for me or what?...


no. I am assuming what they gave you was a combo. Where the modem and router are together inside one single device?

If this is the case, then what you need to do is plug an ethernet cable into an ethernet port on the ATT router.
Then plug the other end into the differently colored port on the nighthawk. (not one of the typical LAN ports but the other one that's by itself and has a slightly different acronym. I can't remember what it's usually called off the top of my head right now.)

Also plug a PC into the ATT router and go into the settings and disable everything that has to do with Wi-Fi and such.

Then plug the PC into the nighthawk and go into it's router settings and proceed to go through the standard process of setting up for connecting to your ISP service.
U should not have 2 WIFI routers in close proximity. 2 active WIFI routers is OK to provide coverage but should be some distance apart, opposite end of the house would be good.

If u like your box IN PLACE OF AT&T WIFI then u should go into the AT&T box and disable its WIFI, hope u have access.