[SOLVED] At wits end trying to use a label printer on mac os - Urgent - Can't change quality settings

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I do not know macs so please be easy on me.

Mac Mini m1 Running Mac OS 12.1

Here is what is going on. We have Brother ql-800 label printers we use these for ebay and paypal 2x7" USPS labels.

I am able to print the labels but it's at 300x300 DPI I need it to be 300x600, I have looked into all the settings and no matter where I go I do not see a spot to change the print quality.

This was super easy to do on windows but we switched over to Mac's for easy of use and are running into trouble.

I have around 47 labels that I need to get printed in the next 24 hours, Someone please help me figure out how to change the printer quality settings. I have tried everything that google said to do and I do not see a place where I can change this.

If you need photos or any other information please let me know ASAP.

Thank you so much.