ATA-33/66/100 ????



Two+ year old computer suits me fine,original HDD getting cranky-put in a Maxtor Diamond max 15G-7200RPM last year(ata33) kept orig as"D" ,going to replace it any day before it fails,all I seem to be able to find is ATA100,occasional ATA66,will a 100 or 66 work ok,how does the pincount on the cables affect hook up???? System = HP pavilion celeron 400,W98gold-photoshop-lots of games,video stuff,256M ram,oe hd Quantum bigfoot 9.6. TIA


Jan 31, 2001
ATA33 is a standard HD interface. ATA66 is obviously far as the cabling goes, the 66 has twice as many cables running on the ribbon cable. However, you can use an ATA66 ribbon cable for ATA33 purposes. On the other hand, if you want to run at ATA66 with a HD, you need the ATA66 cable. It's pretty clear when you look at the two of them the difference.

Theoretically, you can run one drive ATA33 and the other ATA66 provide: the mobo supports 66, the cable is 66.

I did say theoretically however because I've never gotten it to work. I run a Seagate ATA66 and a Maxtor ATA33, both in ATA33 mode. I'm not sure what cable I ended up using.

Also, I'd question your ATA33 Maxtor 7200RPM drive. I could be totally wrong, but I thought all of Maxtors 7200RPM drives were ATA33/66

And as far as ATA100 goes...I know very little about it, but I think it is similar to ATA66 the way ATA66 is to ATA33.

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