Question ATH m50xBT vs Corsair Gaming RGB Pro


Mar 1, 2013
Hi, my Corsair Gaming RGB Pro Wireless headset was recently stolen (even though they didn't steal the USB transmitter, those dumb bastards) and I am currently looking out for a new headset.

I want it to be wireless, as almost none of my PCs (or my phone) have a jack output.
I have had Corsair for the past 7 years, first Vengeance 2000, later Void RGB Pro and I have always thought the sound was great with the open-build of the headset.
I am now seeing the great reviews of the Audio Technica ATH m50xBT and I am considering what the difference between these headsets would be?
The ATH is about twice the price of the RGB Pro at my location, what can I expect from the added price of ATH?
The headset will be used almost 6 hours a day, listening to music and most importantly, watching movies with surround sound. The Void RGB Pro was great for all of this, though I am open to try a headset that might have better audio quality.

I would like to hear your opinions