Atheros and adaptive CPU speed


Jan 17, 2005

I recently upgraded my Sony Vaio Z1 (centrino) notebook to a Fujitsu P7010D (Pentium M with Atheros A/B/G wifi). I am pleased overall with my new notebook, but have one major question that I cannot seem to figure out.

With my former Centrino notebook, I liked that I could configure the CPU to run at different speeds, depending on whether I was running on battery or AC, through the use of CPU throttling (adaptive CPU).

My new notebook uses the Pentium M chip, but cannot be classified as "centrino" because it doesn't contain the Intel wifi chip. I didn't think this would have any adverse affect, but it seems I can no longer change the CPU speed in my "power options" control panel. There simply is no longer an option to do so.

Is this because the full centrino package is required in order to do this or should I still be able to use CPU throttling with the Pentium M and Atheros wifi? If so, what am I missing here that will enable me to install this capability?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.



Former Staff
It sounds like you're simply missing the application needed to do it. Software, not hardware.

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