Athlon 630 x4 or Callisto x2


Sep 26, 2008
I am looking to build a rig for under $600.00. Th e pc will only do internet, office suite, email light games (cards mahjong etc)
Which processor should I go with. I will go with a MB with on board video to keep costs down
Your vender makes a big difference. I use frys combo specials to get a free board. They have the regor 250 with board for $49.99 after rebate this week; newegg has some combos with $20 discount; either cpu will work well; I tried the 620 propus briefly, and had it running at 3100 on a low end msi board with no voltage increase.
Yes, but rarely have combo deals; they are a loss leader, designed to get people into the stores, so it's stores only. The ads are online; dallas and san jose are the ads I access. If you want ddr3, they have an msi p43 board with e7500 for $99.99 after rebate in today's ad. But the regor 250 will work great for your uses.