Athlon II x3 435 or Phenom II X2 550 BE?Which one is goog for gaming?


Feb 20, 2010
On which one i will be able to (nearly)maxx out gta4 and crysis(with my HD 4850).
The Athlon x3 435 and Phenom x2 550 BE are close in prices.just planning to buy a new which one would be better for gaming?one is cheaper and tri core and other is expensive but dual with l3 cache puts me in dilemma.Please help.


Which one is better will be determined by which game, there is no clear cut answer. GTA 4 should run noticeably better on the X3, not sure about Crysis. Most older games will run better on the faster 2 cores, but a number of newer and future games use more than 2 cores and will run better on the X3. Personally I would take the X3.