Athlon x2 2005 model socket


Feb 27, 2012
I was wondering if an 2005 model Athlon x2 4000+ would fit into a AM3+ motherboard. I am planning to start with an Athlon and eventually upgrade to either a phenom x6 or an FX chip.
No. Its, as said, is a AM@ CPU which only has a DDR2 memory controller. The Phenom IIs and Athlon IIs are AM3 but also have a DDR2 controller and can do either AM2+ or AM3/AM3+ but not AM2.

Your CPU is too old, you should get a new one. Either a AMD APU or a Intel Core i3. The performance difference will be instantly insane.


thats correct IT WILL NOT FIT. take 30 seconds next time CMI86 :)

the Memory controller is intergraged into the CPU, hence an AM3+ CPU will fit in an older socketed motherboard.

AM3+ CPU will work in a AM3 Board
AM3 Cpu Will work in a AM2+ board
AM2+ CPU will work in a AM2 Board

each CPU will work in a motherboard of the last generation but cannot use a a newer motherboard with an older CPU.

UPDATE: its possible that a AM3 CPU will work in an AM2 Board (2 gen jump)
im still looking for multiple sources to verify this tho