Athlon64 3200+ 1MB L2 "OEM or 3200+ 512kb L2


Sep 13, 2004
Hey Everyone,

At my local computer store they are selling 2 chips 1 the Clawhammer core with 1MB L2 Cache (Athlon64 3200+ OEM) for $281.95 and the Newcastle core with 512KB L2 Cache (Athlon64 3200+ Retail) for $296.75. I know that the Clawhammer chip is 2.0Ghz and the Newcastle is 2.2Ghz. My question is when it says OEM for a cpu does that mean it will just come in a anti-static bag and with no HSF? And am i better off buying the Clawhammer and then OC'ing it to 2.2Ghz. I would be using a MSI Neo Platinum Mobo.



I sure hope those prices aren't US.
First off, make sure the clawhammer has a heat spreader. If not, it's a mobile chip, and they dont work too well on the MSI board.
If you overclock, the clawhammer overclocks better than the newcastle.
If you want the 3 year warranty, and faster out of the box performance, get the newcastle. Besides, that stock fan is a real deal at $15can


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Fact is the Clawhammer performs better at the same clock, but the Newcastle is clocked higher, so the Clawhammer is probably the best choice for overclockers and the Newcastle is the best choice at stock speed. OEM means NO cooler and NO factory warranty.

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