ATI 4350 resolution problem



I have a Hanns-G 28" monitor with a native resolution of 1920x1200 but I can only get 1600x1200 with the ATI 4350 card. I have Vista Ultimate on one disc and Windows 7 on another disc. I have the latest drivers from ATI. I have tried the CCC and the display properties offered by the OS but neither works or offers higher resolution than 1600x1200 even when I click the "force" option. Would appreciate any help. Thanks!


Unfortunately you need to upgrade your card, as your current one simply can't support that resolution. When looking for a new card, make sure to check what its maximum capable resolution is.
Per AMD, the HD 4350 supports up to 2560 x 1600 resolution.

Does the Hanns-G come with drivers on a CD? The problem is basic Vista / Win 7 applying EDID that comes with the monitor. EDID is roughly "Electronic Device ID" which specifies what the monitor can / cannot do. Apparently the Hanns-G's EDID is incorrect and if monitor driver did not ship with your monitor then getting Vista / Win 7 to ignore EDID is rather iffy.

This is a known issue and MS has released a solution, however, the solution has not worked for everyone apparently. See below link to someone who has a similar issue as you do and it also includes a link to MS's instructions on how to possibly resolve the issue:

Do Google (or Bing) searches on "EDID override" or something along those lines.

Below is a link to a tool that can be used to edit EDID profiles, but I cannot instruct you how to use it and you should do additional research on it before simply using it 'cause it can make the situation even worse.


Nov 12, 2009

Many thanks for replying to my question. I have since tried Windows XP and find that the native resolution is fine with this operating system. Therefore, I have to think the EDID is fine and it is just a problem with Vista and Win7. Does that seem reasonable? If you should come across any fixes regarding Win7 please let me know.