Ati 4890 vs Nvidia 275 vote

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Which one you preffer ? or would buy ?

  • Nvidia 275

    Votes: 28 32.2%
  • Ati 4890

    Votes: 59 67.8%

  • Total voters


May 4, 2008
Teamspeak/Ventrilo were supremely optimized, they run good on a PII (I'm talking Pentium II, not the Phenom II).
Let me clear this up for you.

Browsers (since you didn't specify I will assume IE8), Teamspeak, & video players use the *CPU*.

PhysX & Graphics use the *GPU*, what you are running in the background will do nothing as Batman with that kind of settings will be GPU limited as long as you have a modern C2D, Phenom, Phenom II/Athlon II, Core i5/i7.

Think about it, PhysX is developed by nVidia, OpenCL is COMPLETELY open & free, DirectCompute comes with DirectX 11.
PhysX has NO place in this world now. DirectCompute & OpenCL blow it away.
Not only to mention that but there's always the CPU, CryENGINE 2's in-engine physics rival PhysX, and that's done on the CPU.


May 4, 2008
sabot00 - I guess my response to you and people that have said the same thing ten thousand times is this: When you are whining your butts off about PhysX being proprietary because you bought an ati card and can't use it without driver hacks, I was SMART about the matter and bought NVIDIA since for right now and for the foreseeable future:

PHYSX will run on Nvidia cards and not ati cards - and until your open cl commie dream comes true - YOU ARE MISSING OUT.
Now I don't think our beloved too big to fail government will allow AMD to go down in flames taking ATI with it - but there is a chance ati card owners will be left in the cold for drivers, and as far as that goes, since amd/ati is bleeding money and billions in the hole and losing more every year, there is no doubt the driver teams are cut to the bare minimum and have been for FOR YEARS.

I do believe that's a sufficient answer for you.

I don't believe in or understand the constant whine that this or that standard has to be open. What happens - what has ALWAYS happened is some company has developed something and if the large industry heads offer enough they group up and pay for making some works for all thing....

The problem is - some independent company almost always is the leading edge to get something new going, and INSTEAD OF the dummies I see filled with criticism ranting about it (PhysX) in this case, they should be praising the LEADER for breaking new ground.

I guess nowadays the communist mindset is so indoctrinated in the populace that they think they can use the power of government and other top down control methods to STEAL anything anyone developes - so long as THEIR favorite company is NOT WILLING to pay for and their little purchased item therefore CAN'T DO IT.

I mean - it's not that hard to deal with right now. Buy Nvidia.

If PhysX becomes so good (or any other implementation) and the big players want to make some set standard - then THEY have a right to do so - OR NOT.

You may support any other type of physics you like - I have no problem with that at all. However for NOW -

P H Y S X is the best there is for gamers, and I AM NOT GOING TO BUY A RED CARD THEN SCREAM PHYSX SUCKS and whine it's proprietary at the same time !

ATI and NVIDIA are PRIVATE COMPANIES and they casn do as they please and as they choose. Since ATI has tried to create bullet physics and basically FAILED - do they NOW have a right to free PHYSX, or do they have a right to scream at NVIDIA when their PhysX is SUCCESSFUL ?

Now those are some of my beliefs behind the matter. I DO NOT subscribe to the neo-pop cultural groupthink in this matter, and FOR GOOD REASON.
It is absolutely ridiculous.
Sigh, obvious nVidia troll.
I'll try to explain this.
I have:
Far Cry 2
Assassin's Creed
Crysis (Warhead/WARS)
C&C 3
Red Alert 3
Half Life 2 (Episode 1/2)
STALKER (Shadow/Clear Sky)

Not a single one of those supports PhysX.

OpenCL is the opposite of communist. It's entirely open-source, free, royalty-free.
And P H Y S X isn't the best for gamers, it depends on what you have, PhysX is a API. How good it is depends entirely on the developer. a DX10 game doesn't necessarily look good.
If even 25% of most modern games (with-in 2-3 years) supports PhysX I would buy a nVidia card. Right now PhysX is the same as Eyefinity, it's a BONUS, it applies only to a certain group of people. PhysX only applies to games that support it as Eyefinity applies only to people with multiple monitors.

"PHYSX will run on Nvidia cards and not ati cards - and until your open cl commie dream comes true - YOU ARE MISSING OUT."
I am not missing out because my games do not support PhysX.

"since amd/ati is bleeding money and billions in the hole and losing more every year"
The graphics division of AMD (aka ATI) is not losing money, they blasted the technology part of graphics since the 3XXX series, first to use GDDR4, first to use GDDR5, first to use 40nm process, first to support DX10.1, first to suppport DX11, first to support DisplayPort. Don't give me any nVidia is first to support PhysX crap, everything I stated can be used by anyone with Vista or Win 7.

"I mean - it's not that hard to deal with right now. Buy Nvidia."
There are many price points where ATI simply kills nVidia. I agree many nVidia cards are great (GT 220/240, GTS 250, GTX260/275) but it is up to the buyer what options are more important.



Oct 13, 2006
I did buy nVidia silicondoc, I bought a pair of 8800GT to run in SLi. I bought two of their inferior chipsets to go with so that I could run SLi. Then I upgraded to a 4870. Am I allowed to use PhysX? Nope, nVidia wants to shut me out.