ATI 5800 series review with AMD Phenom II?

Just wondering why there are no reviews covering the performance of the Ati 5800 series cards with a Phenom II used for the CPU. I know that the I7 should be a better suited CPU for testing these cards, but there are alot of people using the Phenom II chips, and it would be pretty interesting to see how much of a bottle neck they actually would present while gaming. Single and crossfire results.

Right now I am running an AM3 x3 710 at 3.45ghz, and I'm trying to decide if I should get the 5850/5870. I also have the ASUS M3A32-MVP(quad crossfire capable MOBO) 790fx. So eventually I will be looking to crossfire 2 of the cards in question. Basically I don't want to waste money if there will be a huge CPU bottleneck. If there will be a big bottleneck, I may wait to get the second card, and just get a 6-core PH II after christmas. Any one got a link to such a review? I dont care about synthetic benchmarks, I want to see game benchmarks. Perferably comparing results with I7 vs. Phenom II at the same clockspeeds, with and without crossfire with the 5850, and the 5870.

PS: I play on my 32" LCD TV at 1920x1080. If that helps at all. lol


Jun 18, 2007
Generally reviews just use the faster processor that is currently available when testing new products. They don't want to risk a bottleneck because they want the test to solely show the results of the graphics card.

It's pretty rare for the CPU to bottleneck a system during games though, especially at that resolution. I would be extremely surprised to see any substantial bottleneck from that CPU.
Well even if they could test at 2560x1600 with lots of AA, it should put alot more stress on the GPU's I would think. Then we would see how much of a difference there would be. Not everyone has I7's. There are sure to be alot of AM3/775 users out there that would very much like to see what would happen. I for one had noticed that the higher the resolution the closer both the I7 and Phenom II become. I still think it would be very interesting.