Question ATI 7850 Driver issue, Opinion on 1660TI, Is motherboard okay?


Oct 4, 2013
Hi everyone,

Win 7, no updates installed for a year, had no issues previously however my 7850 has not been working for the last 2 days. PC had been frozen 2 times during a game with artifacts and whenever I try to update the drivers (tried both old and new drivers, clean install with cleanup);

If I do it on safe mode: It installs but windows welcome screen does not load, black screen stucks
If I do it without safe mode: At the half of the install and I get instant BSOD

I have checked amd forums and many threads created since the beginning of the year and I am assuming the card is simply dying. Without drivers the PC works, albeit even twitch struggles at 720P. View:
I am PC illiterate sorry for the stupid question but I am assuming that I am still using GPU as a primary source right and not CPU right? Also is there any possiblity that motherboard might be the issue? I hope not as I want to hold on to the current CPU+Motherboard for a year.

I am thinking moving to 1660TI with 3570k, would it be adequate enough to stream 720P30 on twitch without much problems? (60 Hertz monitor, OW, CS, Apex) I will try to OC 3570k hopeing that I dont burn my PC and house at the same time.