ATI 9600pro Memory


Jul 17, 2003
Have look around for it, but havent found an exact answer.

Ive heard that the ATI Memory is underclocked, meaning i could 'over'clock it and it still be fine. Rigth now my 9600pro is running at stock speeds. What are the memory ratings on this card?

What are the 'common' result while overclocking one? I use the word common losely because i know overclocking is not a sure thing!

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Ill have a Sapphire 9600pro for sale as soon as i get it back. Had to RMA and theyre sending me a new one!
You need to actually read the memory chips on the board. They could be anything from 3.3ns Samsung to 2.86ns Samsung, and everything in between including EntronTech, Hynix, and Infineon memory.

Until we know that there is no way of telling. You may even have a board like the <A HREF="" target="_new">TYAN board</A> which has 3.6ns Hynix memory on it, which is actually running ABOVE spec. just to reach STOCK speeds, so there's no headroom availible there.

Once you know what you have then you can get an idea of where you MIGHT be able to go, but then again I've seen some people complain that their 2.86ns Samsung memory crap out @ under 310mhz (well under spec.), so nothing's guaranteed except the speed the card/memory is sold at.

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May 27, 2003
If the part number on your memory is K4D263238E-GC2A then you have the 2.86 ns memory. Typically these clock to about 350 MHz (700 MHz DDR), but this is not guaranteed. Mine will not run over 335 MHz. Still my core does 525 with very good stability. 3D Mark 03 4150.

Not too bad for a $160 card. Video quality is also excellent. I also have a 9800 Pro & Performance/$ goes to the 9600.