ATI 9600pro problem!

Stone Cold

Dec 7, 2008
Hi all. :hello:

Here's my problem. My old NF4/Athlon64/Radeon 1600xt pc died because of the crappy chipset, and since it's incredibly hard to find a 939 MoBo in Belgrade, i had to switch to an even older configuration:

Abit IC7 intel 875 chipset
Intel P4 2.6 GHz (northwood)
2*512 MB Geil (Ultra i think)
450W Cooler master - Real power
One ata 133 HDD, and one Sata
And the folowing graphic cards:

NV MX 440
MV FX 5200
ATI 9600 pro (Saphire)

I ran the MX 440 at first, but very quickly got an FX from a friend, and both cards worked flawlessly under Vista 32b SP2 & SP1.
Later i got the Radeon and when i tried it out i got some (i still do) sort of artifact problems below the cursor, under Vista, but not under XP (without service packs), and the PC that i tried the card on, that has XP is even worse than mine: IBM desktop with an Intel 1.6 GHz CPU.
I've tried it without drivers and with 9.3, but it's the same.

Another thing, the card runs great. I have no problems in games (war 3, cs), windows media player, but i do have problems under Media Player Classic!! :pt1cable:

Here are some pics to show you just what it looks like

And this is Media Player Classic (full screen or no, doesn't matter)

So i was wondering, is there any way to make it work fine without instaling XP
Is it a hardware or software problem.. Any help would be great

Thanks in advance :)

Regards, Vladimir aka zeoN_Rider :hello:
Did you do a fresh install or completely clean out the drivers with Driver Cleaner before putting the Radeon card in?

If games are fine but the desktop and media players aren't, then it sounds like a software problem.

First clean out the old driver stuff, then try a fresh install of JUST the AGP drivers (make sure they are AGP drivers) not the control centre at first, and then see what happens. Then install the Catalyst Control Centre after you get it running stable/smoothly/cleanly.

Stone Cold

Dec 7, 2008
When i put the Radeon, no Nvidia drivers were instaled, because i didn't need them :D

But i will try again with Driver Cleaner, Thanks :) :)

Where do I find and how do i know that they are AGP drivers. Sapphire and Ati recommend 9.3, but it doesn't say anything about being for AGP..

Should I look for MoBo drivers also??

Regards Vladimir :hello: