ATI and PCIe


May 19, 2001
Press Release - 2004
ATI is graphics provider of choice for new OEM PCI Express* systems

OEMs and system builders resoundingly choose
ATI’s native PCI Express graphics solutions for new systems

Tuesday June 22, 2004


MARKHAM, ON – ATI Technologies Inc. (TSX: ATY, NASDAQ: ATYT) today announced it has been chosen by the majority of leading OEMs worldwide to provide the visual processors in their new PCI Express systems.

World-leading OEMs that have chosen ATI’s PCI Express graphics solutions include:
MPC Computers
Packard Bell

World-leading system builders that have chosen ATI’s PCI Express graphics solutions include: Able Computers
ABS Computer Technologies
Aspect Computer Corp
Epson Direct
Falcon Northwest
MDG Computers Canada
Medion AG
Monarch Computer Systems
PC Club
Totally Awesome Computers
Velocity Micro
ZT Group

Additional OEM and system integrator partners will be announced once their PCI Express systems are publicly available. The transition from AGP systems to PCI Express based systems is happening extremely quickly across all market segments.

“ATI’s RADEON X-series of PCI Express graphics cards is clearly the solution of choice for OEMs and system builders,” said Rick Bergman, Senior Vice President marketing and General Manager, Desktop, ATI Technologies. “We have worked hand-in-hand with our OEM partners to ensure that they, together with Intel for the launch of PCI Express motherboards and chipsets, are able to bring the most robust family of PCI Express systems to market, resulting in a virtual clean-sweep. Our top-to-bottom family of native PCI Express visual processors, the RADEON™ X300, RADEON™ X600 and RADEON™ X800, allow OEMs to deliver full PCI Express performance to consumers and businesses at price points to suit every application.”

“We’re pleased to have worked together to bring this exciting new technology to market,” said Gerald Holzhammer, vice president Desktop Platforms Group and general manager Platform Architecture and Solutions Division at Intel Corporation. “PCI Express represents a new foundation for I/O technology and we are proud to see this revolutionary technology grow from draft specification to product in less than two years.”

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Jun 11, 2001
Good news for ATi.

Looks like the market is really turning around (if PCI-E gains strong initial support from consumers that is).

However, nVidia has a much stronger PCI-E line, IMO...they have a solution for every type of performance. Ranging from the crappy PCX4300, to the PCX5500 (or 5200, I forget) to the PCX5700U to the PCX5950U to the PCI-E 6800U.

IMO, ATi should make a bridged X700 based off R360...but that won't happen. Then again, that wouldn't be needed if it weren't for the X600's inability to bring 9800Pro level performance as expected.

Maxtor disgraces the six letters that make Matrox.
Remember this is an ATI press release really, so I don't know how much it means. Could be the case initially, but they have their full 'next gen' (with little new) cards out at once, so they do have an advanatage to market, but let's see where they stand 1-2 months from now when people start ordering their preferences.

I also don't think they ned an R360 based card, they can ditch that core, go with an RV380 with 256bit memory which would help alot IMO, and an X800SE with good memory and poor memory and pretty much cover every angle I think.

I too am dissapoint by the X600 being nowhere near the R9800 in performance terms. I was really looking forward to the RV380, but it's a big dissapointment in my eyes.

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