ATI Catalyst Control Center not saving color settings after reboot


Jan 23, 2013
Trying to find a solution for a friend of mine who is color blind and games.

Video Card: Radeon 5570
ATI CCC: 12.10

We have been adjusting his video card a bit for the red/green and we get every thing set up and apply the changes, the changes take effect and work perfectly. There is a bit of a problem though, every time he reboots his computer it resets the changes and we have to go through it all over again. Is this a known problem with ATI?
The divers have been reinstalled/etc a few times and does not fix it.

Just wondering if there is a fix to this or if the profile can some how be exported and dropped on to his desktop for him to simply click on it to make the needed changes happen after a reboot.