ati color annoyance


Oct 11, 2001
i have a saphire 9500 pro radeon running dual monitors. my second monitor is old and is too dark (even with the brightness and contrast up) so i use the ati control panel thing to raise the gamma. it works perfectly, the color is as close as i can get it. the only problem is when i restart the color settings are default. i just open the control panel and the color settings are still as i set them but they dont take effect until i open the properties and hit ok. this happen to any one else? is there a fix, workaround? cs game server -
Which CATs are you working with. I know this was an issue with some games (not sure if it also applied to desktop use), and that there was a recent fix in a recent release. You might wanna check the 'fixes' section of the drivers.

Just a guess, don't know for sure.

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May 17, 2002
this is pretty common with the ati drivers, i've seen a few ppl go to and talk to the catalyst maker, so we may see the fix in the 3.8 cats.

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