ATI Graphics Cards


Mar 30, 2004
I am new to ATI hardware. I am looking to buy a video card I can use for video capture. I know pretty much which one I like but am looking for suggestions on manufacturers ? I find for example ATI 9600 Pro for anywhere from $55 dollars by saphire to $120 by powercolor. Like I said I don't know anything about ATI manufacturers could someone give me some info that might sway my decision? I have looked at several reviews but they only state ATI 9600 and not "manufacturer" ATI 9600.

Thanks in advance


If video capture is what you want, and you have a digital video redorder (like DV or Digital-8), what you want is a cheap firewire card for capture.

If you have an analog video camera (8-mil, vhs-c, etc) then what you want is a cheap video capture card.

If you want to play 3d-games AND capture video, use your computer as a TV and DVD player with a remote, and you have spare cash sitting around doing nothing, what you want is a Radeon all-in-wonder... an AIW 9000 or 9200 for cheap, an AIW 9600 for better 3d performance, and an AIW 9700 or 9800 for the ultimate.

If you only want to edit video on your computer and play a few games, you're probably better off getting a good 3d card for video cames and a video capture card separately.

Sapphire makes good cards, but for $55 you're probably looking at a Radeon 9600SE. STAY AWAY FROM ATI CARDS WITH SE in the name! They are about half as powerful as full-fledged cards.

Powercolor is pretty much agreed to ba a bad name, they seem to break down more often than other cards.

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