ATI HD 5670 Jitter and Screen flicker problem


Dec 10, 2009
I've just switched to ati because my motherboard wouldn't support sli so i traded my 2 geforce 8800GT's in for two HD 5670's in order to use them for crossfire. I've managed to get them working in crossfire but i have 3 displays so its not in crossfire mode unless i'm gaming.

During windows use though, the two screens that are using the secondary card have this weird horizonal line jittering (not very easy to describe it accuratly) that is always present and extremely annoying. in addition, these two screens will occasionally turn off for 1 or 2 seconds and then come back on. I have played with the refresh rate, resolution and colour settings in the control panel with no luck.

I know this is a regular problem as I have seen it happen to a lot of the sceens at my university.


Asus P5Q deluxe, Intel quad Q6600 @ 2.8Ghz, 8gb ddr2 ram, 2x saphire HD5670's, 5TB HDD's


Jan 29, 2011
same problem here, only worse is that i have only one hd5670, and it flickers randomly, but mostly in 3d games, so i guess it had something to do with heat and stress :-?


Aug 14, 2011
could u put the information on here plz skippy as i would be interested to know if their is anything you can do about this? I bought a 5670 less then five months ago and have been only recently having the same issues i assumed these problems were due to the beginning of a hardware failure because the 5670 is a cheap piece of :fou: any help you guys could give though would be great thx :hello:
Since the jittering occurs on the displays attached to one of the cards, and you have a pair of cards installed, have you tried simply reversing the cards, which would (theoretically) quickly identify a possible faulty card....?

Your suggestion should come natually to people but it doesn't.

Good advice and natural. +1