Question ATI Mobility Radeon 9000/9200/9600/9700 Display Driver (solution to driver errors)

May 26, 2020
Hello guys,
I've just signed up specifically to answer certain users questions/problems installing these graphics..

I have been fiddling about with my Dell d600 ( yes, very old laptop)
Why? Because i love tweaking things about..even though i own a much better laptop.
Anyway.. i tried updating ATI graphics on the laptop d600, struggled for hours and also noticed many other users struggled.
And i know the laptop is outdated but for those who are still looking to install ati graphics card 9000 in particular then this is the solution.
Device manager... display drivers...update VGA drivers... actually I'll copy someone elses post..

open "Control Panel".
  1. double left click on "System" icon.
  2. ("Hardware" tab) and "Device Manager".
  3. right click "Display Adapter" with the yellow exclamation, and choose "Properties".
  4. from the "Properties" window, left click on the "Driver" tab at the top.
  5. you should (hopefully) see 4 buttons, one of which is "Update Driver". Left click it.
  6. This opens the "Hardware Update Wizard" which is the same Windows autodetect that won't you should choose : "No, not this time", and left click "Next".
Another Wizard page (do they never end?) appears and asks if you'd like "Install the software automatically" (which you know fails so isn't recommended), or would you like to "Install from a list or specific location".....yes, you are ADVANCED now, so choose that and click "Next".
  1. Now the "Choose your search and installation options" dialogue appears. Remove the checkmarks on "Search..." and "Include...." and click the little "Don't Search. I will choose the driver to install", and click the "Next".
  2. (nearly there, so cross your fingers) Make sure the "Show Compatible Hardware" is on, and click the "Have Disk" button.
  3. Now the "Install from Disk" has popped up! Left click on the "browse" button, which is currently showing "A:\", and using the standard "locate file" controls move to the C:\ATI\Support\(driver number) folder.
12....and finally. If the INF driver is listed there, the Filename slot will be filled in, and when you click "Open" you'll be taken back to step #10. But now, the ATI 8500 should hopefully be listed. Pick the driver....and install!