Oct 7, 2003
I am pondering building a computer system with the ATI 9800 All-in-Wonder graphics board... now I realize that NVidia is the norm but I need a quality board that will allow us to use multiple monitors and do some video editing. Gaming performance is key however so I could always relegate video editing to a different machine.

My dream for video analysis by the way is to be able to produce a split screen video with the on-screen action on one side and the off-screen action on the other.... if any of you have an ideas about how to produce such a beast please let me know.

thanks for any help and/or suggestions


Former Staff
You might want to reconsider your options. The AIW 9800 didn't have room for a second monitor output because that space was used by it's TV tuner's RF input. With the AIW 9800, you get 1 monitor out an 1 TV-out.

This has been true of all All In wonder cards until ATI recently released the AIW 9600 Pro with modified cabling that allowed them to put 2 VGA outputs on a breakout box.

I'd suggest going with a non-AIW version of an ATI card, such as the 9800 Pro or 9800XT. Those cards have 2 monitor outputs (VGA and DVI, with a DVI to VGA adapter), as well as a TV-Output. If you need a TV input, you can always buy a TV tuner card.

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