Mar 11, 2003
Hi. I'm gonna buy a new graphics card and before I make my decision which card to choose I would like to get some recommendations. My options are ATI: Radeon 9800np (~300e), 9800 pro 128 (~360e) and 9700 pro (~260), Nvidia: GeForce FX 5900 (330-400e)and 5900 ultra (~430e) (Also other ideas are welcome). The prices are average euro prices in Finland (and for US citizens, who don´t know, 1e = about the same as 1$). I have always used ATI based cards so could someone also tell me are there for example different kinds of GeForce FX 5900 cards on the market and which brands are worth buying. I do alot of hardcore playing (UT 2003, Jedi Academy... and in the future HL2 and Doom 3) and that's all I need the card for. Thank´s for all the answers. Ville

My computer:
EPOX-8RDA+, 2700+, 1024 333MHz, IBM Deskstar 60gt, (Radeon 9700np before I sold it), Hyundai L70s 17"tft, 500w power source, Sony DRU-500A DVD+/-RW and home-made water cooling for CPU, GPU, MB, power source and HD.


Former Staff
nVidia's cards are not 100% DX9 compliant, so you'll get better DX9 performance/features from the ATI cards. Any of those cards you mentioned is goo, the 9700 Pro sounds like the best value.

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