ATI R360 vs NV38


Aug 29, 2003
Ok , well as all of you know , there have been some "rumurs" on the NV35 FX 5900 ULTRA , and im scared to death to curently purchase one . So plz share information on the comparsions of the upcoming cards of OCTOBER. From what I've researched the ATI360 weill come with Half-life 2 ..... while the NV38 is a "revised"
version of the NV35 . I also belive that they will release info on the NV 40 , hopefully Nvidia can reclaim the speed crown and QUALITY in video cards again ,but currently I'm on a wait to get the new video card untill I know for sure that nvidia doesnt not make up for the problems goin on... post your comments/quesitons/death threats here thanks



Sep 15, 2003
Personaly I'd steer clear of Nvida for the time being... While I'm not saying the NV38 will be crap I'd not hold my breath going by the stunts they have pullede lately.. Myself If I had the money I'd wait for the 9800xt.... Me waiting for an Nvidia card would not happen after all that Nvidia has done in the recent past.. That said who could know maybe the Nv38 will be a winner.. But like I said don't hold your breath...
nV NEVER had the gaming crown in quality. Performance sure, Qualtiy, never!

Don't expect any changes until the NV40, the NV38 is just a refresh.

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