ATI Radeon 4850 crashes in some 3D games


Nov 16, 2009

I'm trying to play Divine Divinity 2 and regulary my graphics card crashes the computer while in the game. The crashes are random, sometimes I can play for a few minutes, sometimes for even a half an hour. The crash is: black screen, monitor goes into standby and the sound changes to a continous harsh-harsh until I reboot the PC. The only way out is to restart the PC.

I have a ASUS ATI Radeon 4850 card, 1Gb memory. The PSU is AKASA 650w AK-P650FH, powering up a Pentium 4 and 5 S-ATA devices.
My OS is Windows 7 64, just installed and the 9.10 drivers.
I cleaned the graphic card's fan, disabled ATI Overdrive in the CCC, tried to manual setup the fan at 100%, lower the core & memory frequencies (from 625 to 600 and from 1000 to 980 MHz) and lower the game resolution. No luck, the game still crashes.
I installed a program to capture the different sensors of the graphic card (temperature, frequency, fan). Doing that I noticed that when I experience the crash, the sensor recordings go nuts.
During the game, before the crash I noticed that GPU Temperature is rising slowly from 90 degrees to around and above 100 degrees, the fan is running to 100%, the GPU clock is 625 and the memory clock is 1003,1.
A couple of times, just when the crash is happening the program records out-of scale values for the last 2 secs: 32767.5 degrees temperatures, 200 MGHz for GPU, 6393.8 MGHz for memory.
All these will indicate the GPU or memory is overheating, I guess. Does somebody knows if these cards are supposed to be run at 100 degrees Celsius or this indicates a problem?

But the last crash, for example happened after 20 minutes of playtime (managed to play longer because I lower the game resolution from 1080p to 1600x1200) and the temperature was 92 degrees, fan speed was at 89% and the GPU load at 99%.

The card also crashed when running under specs (600 MGHz for GPU, 980 memory) at a temperature of 69degrees, fan speed 7% and GPU load 85%.

Even if it's an overheating problem, why is this happening? Just to mention: the case is open, in the house we have normal temperature (around 25 Celsius), the fan seems to work properly and I also cleaned any dust from the fan, just in case.

I had this card since March and it went ok, but it used to crash in some other game (not many) I don't remember now. It look like that VPU recovery error I read something on forums. This din't happen often, though. In Divine Divinity 2 is crashing EVERY time I'm playing.

Thanks for reading and if you have some suggestions, feel welcome to share :)



Hi man!
i had the exact same thing here!
i had the HD 5870.. itried doing alot of things but nothing helped.. eventualy i changed the card and got a new one becaus the first one just burd and wass ruind by all thease crashes... this didn't help though and i got a 9800gtx for some time and it was going perfect with everything... now i'm getting Sapphire Vapor - X 5770 1Gb Gddr5 X2 (crossfire)... i hope it will run smoothly... anyway from what i read in Ati forums they have A HUGE problem with flash content and that should really bother you in this game i think and in any game that run with flash content...
they have issues with Gigabyte motherboards too by what theire writing over there...
my advice is:
install the new 9.12 drivers and the hotfix which is really importent and will make a huge difference!
Hotfix is here:
9.12 is in the ati website if you want...
i wasn't able to check if the problems continue so i'l update later on...but by what people say the problem should be fixed...
i hope that helps Good luck!

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