ATI Radeon 4850 Fan Speed


Sep 19, 2009
After hours of scouring forums I cannot find a solution that works for me!

I've had my Sapphire Radeon 4850 for almost a year now, and decided I want to overclock it to see what I can get out of games like Crysis. The problem, it appears, is I cannot get the GPU fan to respond to anything beyond it's very low initial settings (25%?). I've tried everything I could find short of flashing BIOS; rivatuner, the "workaround" that involves editing profile fan values (though it seems the CCC already allows this now with the fan speed slider option) but nothing has any obvious effect on my fan speed. While rivatuner tells me it's changed to 100%, the temperature stays the same and I hear absolutely no sound difference. In my experience with this on older ATI cards, it is very obvious when a fan is running at 100%.

Out of sheer curiosity I attempted the blue wire trick, and found out my card's fan only has the two power and ground wires.

Any other things I can try would be greatly appreciated! I really want to be able to utilize at least some of my fan's abilities to get some more kick out of my card...