ATI Radeon 9600XT 256mb


Dec 10, 2003
I have heard that there will be/is a 256mb version out. Has anybody heard anything about this. Mainly a release date, or where i can get one. Doom3 is going to have about 190mb video textures and what not with all the sweet stuff turned on. That is why i was looking for the 256mb version. I would wait untill the games come out to buy a new card, but my current card craped out on me. I have my old voodoo2 setup going now:) So i am looking to buy ASAP. I think if i could find it the 9600xt 256mb would just be in the $150-$200 sweet spot, and be a decent card for the next few years. + it will come with HL2. Thanks
Where are you located? They are all over Europe, they are a little harder to find here, but that should change shortly.

Right now I don't see anything on the Online E-tailers I know in the US and Canada. But like I said, they are all over Europe.

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