ATI Radeon x1950 pro install help


Sep 4, 2009
I Plugged it into the slot, but the 6 pin PCIe cable has 2 things i need to plug into something else. I just picked 2 random white inserts and now I have a black screen. I have a total of 3 white inserts already connected in the computer, I could just keep randomly plugging them in different ones and see if it works, but I'm worried that I need to plug the monitor into the GFX card now? which means I need an adapter piece
Hang on a minute i just re read what you posted, i was half asleep this morning.
The white inserts are known as molex connectors and it seems as if you are using an adapter to power the PCIE pin cable to the card. Correct ?
This is all good as long as your PSU is up to the job.
The card obviously has to be connected to the screen or else how does it send the image ???
A lot of people would be ripping into you for this but I'm not going there today :)
Yes you probably need an adapter for the card DVI to VGA, every card i have purchased since the advent of PCIE has had such a connector in the box.
If not then you will have to buy one.


I say Grasshoppa need practice more before trying. His kung fu is not strong.

Sorry, couldn't resist. You can't just randomly unplug things to power the card. If one of the "white inserts" came from your harddrive, you won't boot. And yes, you need the adaptor.