ATI, RMA, and warranty service

I have bought 3 video cards in my life time. The first was the tnt card i got for a 100 bucks and i have never had a problem with it. Second i chose the ATI all in wonder because i thought it was cool i could watch tv on my computer and stuff as i didn't have a tv. It is on my dads comp now and still works to this day. My third card i stuck with ATI and got the ATI all in wonder 9700 pro. Again for its tv abilities.

Recently, a week and a couple days ago, the third card i got started to go bad. Yes bad. Bad as in getting green vertical lines and then it reverts to a black screen sometimes. Sometimes the entire screen would be slightly greenish and the image distorted. On reboot sometimes the "Asus p4p800 deluxe" logo would be distorted and then the windows xp logo also distorted. The games would crash 5 seconds into the game. In the game the entire screen would be distorted and the comp would freeze right up. This game was EQ. I tried everything and yes i did reseat the card. The card was dead.

I fill out an RMA form from ATI's website and i get a RMA from them. I mailed it out on saturday because friday was President Regeans day so the post office was closed. I got it insured and tracked it. I know ATI has gottin the package.

1 week (7 business days) later i have not heard anything from them. There is no way to check up on my RMA status and they have no number that i know of to call them to check on the RMA status. I emailed them last week, thursday i beleive, and i have not gottin a reply. No email message saying they got my card, no confirmation knowing it is going to be replaced and shipped out shortly... This is standard customer relations.

I am very unhappy with ATI's support and my forth, fifth, sixth, seventh, etc ... gfx cards will no longer be ATI chips. I will and can no longer recommend ATI to anyone if their cards will die so quickly and easily and very little to no support. My card has to be at least a year and 6 months old roughly.

It is unfortunate that i paid 400 dollars for this card and ATI has no consideration to notify me about the status of the card.

So my boycott with ATI begins - if i do get my card back and that it works i will use it but i will no longer buy anymore ATI products.

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You should have tried to take advantage of the cross-shipping option. You have to give them a credit card #, but at least you get the new card before sending the old one back. The only reason they ask for the number is to ensure you return the old card. Buddy of mine had to do it, and I think he received his new card within 2 weeks.

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Dec 31, 2007
I had to send an ATi card in once, and while I didn't hear from them I had a new one back within two weeks.

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Jan 20, 2003
First of all, your card was well out of warranty period, its only one year as I recall. Secondly, I have called ATI numerous times whilst dealing with customers when i worked at best buy. In fact.....

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I count 4 different numbers there for support, and Im sure you could get the status of your RMA. before you go off ranting and calling for a boycott becuase
their cards will die so quickly and easily and very little to no support.
You professed yourself had a great ATI card, you have not called them, and have no idea what caused your card to go bad (poor ventilation/overheating?)

You need to take a step off of the "jump to conclusions mat."

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you are wrong cefoskey - the waranty is, was, and always has been 3 years.

Ok i will give them another 7 business days and see if i get my card back but it is still standard customer relations to let the consumers know what is going on with their product and when they are shipping a new one.

amazing how their support numbers cost money? well then - and i wasn't calling for boycott if you READ (which i have learned many many people are unable to read within the context of what is said and written) i said that i am boycotting ati and <i> will no longer buy any ATI products.

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