ATI Sapphire 4870 & Intel Motherboard issues


Aug 19, 2009
Hello everybody...

Im new here and having a huge problem i hope someone can help me solve. My english is not very good so im sorry if some of the things i say do not make any sense . You are very welcome to ask me to clarify if some parts of the text are not clear.

Now to the "issue":

Four months ago i bought this PC:

-Intel PCI-e motherboard DG31PR
-Intel Core2Quad processor
-1TB hard disk
-Ati Sapphire 4870 1bg gddr5
-700 w visuba power supply

I installed Windowx XP SP3.
I dont know for sure where the issue started or if i have more than one.

The graphics card started making noises with the cooler while showing a red light (during fallout/assasains creed gameplay).
I couldnt identify wich one of the red lights turned one because after two or free times of having this error the screen blacked out and when this time i attempted to reboot the computer the motherboard got stuck in the bios presentation.

Now every time i turn on the pc it loads until some point during the windows logo when it reboots again, and this happens undefinetly unless i disconect the power supply.
So now the opearting system is not starting.

I tried removing the graphics card thinking it had something to do with the issue but windows still wont start up.

That leads me to think this has something to do with the motherboard. Ive checked every power conection and everything is perfectly connected.

If anyone can give me a hand i really apreciate it.

Continous reboots may be spyware. Load a Linux LiveCD. If it runs fine, try a Windows repair.
If the graphics cooler makes noise, it may need to be replaced.
Or you can remove the center piece and drop some oil in there.



Aug 19, 2009
Im usually very carefull on the internet when using that computer since its so new, maybe its just bad luck, who knows.

i'll try that and see what happens

Thank you so much