ATi SurroundView: 790GX + HD4850?

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Sep 7, 2008
Hi, there.

Got a simple question about ATi's SurroundView. Wonder if anyone can help.
I would like to have 3 DVI monitors, so I am thinking about whether 790GX/SB750 + HD4850 (DVI x2) is a good choice.

AFAIK, 790GX is based on HD3xxx series, does that mean I will need a HD3xxx card to make SurroundView work?
Since I pretty much like the UVD2 stuff in the HD4850, I wonder would 790GX + HD4850 do the magic?
Or should I just wait for the 790FX/SB750 boards and then go 2 x HD4850?
I don't do any gaming, all I want is the UVD2 feature.

Thanks a lot. Take care.


Jun 5, 2009
I have that combination with gigabyte mb and sapphire card. It works.

It is interesting tho.
The onboard chip was not recognized by CCC until I enable surround view in my bios. Yet, there is not hybrid crossfire option on CCC. Google it a little bit. In the AMD Game Forum, the admin said hybrid won't work for newer cards. It only works for 2400 or 3400 series card in Vista. (Not 36XX or XP). So the two gpus may have been working seperately instead of being in crossfire mode in my PC since I have XP. I am not sure if a CCC update would fix that. Probably not likely.

If you can afford a higher price, get 790FX and HD4850X2. That will give you four dvi, leave you one slot to add another 4850X2 or 4850 card for some space to upgrade, and it is cheaper than two separate cards.
Dun mean do necro an old thread but just sharing since i run a home DIY PC business :p

With the newer 785G, 880G and 890GX a lot of my clients are confused with Hybrid Crossfire (HCF) and Surround View

1. You can get multi display working *without* a HCF compatible set up

Example of quad display set up

IGP chipset: 760G i.e Radeon 3000 IGP
Radeon Discrete : HD 4670
note that HD 4670 basically disables HCF as it is not something like HD 3450/3470/etc

just enable (from Auto) Surround View in BIOS and voila!

A similiar dude with 790GX (HD 3300 IGP) + HD 4830 on quad display

2. ATI/AMD stats that Surround View is modular/scalable i.e if one had 2 x PCIe slots + IGP in theory you could drive 2 x 3 = 6 displays However there is a grey area:

What about boards like Asrock 880G/890GX where we have 3 x PCIex16 lanes albeit 8/8/4? Data/testing is needed to determine viability of 8 x displays

3. I had emailed AMD on the possibility of Surround View working with the Eyefinity feature in the HD5K Radeons - shall update forum if something fruitful comes about hehe
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