ATI Theater 650 or WinTV-HVR-1600? - which is better?


Sep 2, 2009
Which is better?

ATI Theater 650 Pro:
Technical Specifications

* 125 channel TV tuner with stereo audio
* New worldwide video decoder
o NTSC, PAL, SECAM support
o 5-line 2D comb filter
o Motion adaptive 3D comb filter
* Worldwide audio decoder
* 3:2 pull-down
* Motion compensated noise reduction
* Edge enhancement
* Hardware MPEG compression engine
o MPEG-2 720x480 compression
o CBR and VBR from 1 to 15 Mbps
* FM radio reception
* Digital audio processing
* Hardware DRM engine
* VBI slicing
* Audio/video input support
* ATSC digital TV support (optional)
* DVB-T digital TV support (optional)
* PCI and PCI-Express 1X bus interfaces

Found here:

What do you think?


I tried these hardware before and i don't recommend both...

ATI-650.... Has a lot of driver issues. Is not stable at Windows Vista-64 Ultimate. Not supported by Windows Media Center. Its hardware Antenna input is susceptible to failure. I'd replaced mine 3 times before i finally decided to park it.

HDTV is limited to 4Gbyte of recorded video (BAD) then it flags an error.

Hauppage 1600.... The hardware and software are good....The Analog Tuner video is a degraded version of the compare to standard analog TV.

Hauppage 2250:
I'm using Hauppage 2250....Both HW and SW work well with media center in Vista-64. This is the first TV-Tuner with 2 Hybrid Tuners. Both can be programmed as ASTC/ASTC, or ASTC/NTSC, NTSC/ASTC or NTSC,NTSC

I have made HDTV recording more than 27Gbyte (SIngle Show) of HDTV recording with no issues. The last recorded HDTV shows i made were the NBA-PLayoffs and Finals.

Get a big Hard Drive for storing HDTV media.