ATI Tools not working for GTX 200 series


Jan 18, 2007
So whoever has the GTX 200 series knows that during idle the core and mem speeds are reduced to save power. I am fine with that, but when I try to OC in ATI Tools as soon as I do, the clocks revert back to the idle speeds and for all it knows it will just go all the way up to 700Mhz. Then when I play a game, it is then doubled and there goes my card. So how do I keep my default clock speeds in ATI tools so I can OC it correctly.


Default core and mem = 667/1150

Idle = 300/100

ATI Tools starts at 667/1150, but as soon as I touch it, it drops to 300/100 and starts to go from 300 all the way up. How do I fix this to keep it at 667/1150 to gain from there?