ATI video card with Hauppauge 250 PRV?


Jun 11, 2004
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I read in a post about the Hauppauge
WinTV PVR 350

being a waste of money (video out feature) when
compared to the 250, (no video out). I'm about to buy one or the other and
have a question
about the video out on the 350.
My video card is a "Power Color" and says powered by, "ATI Radeon 9000 PRO
Evil Commando" 128mg DDR.

The video card has "video out" and
works well with the VCR and TV, but does one have to choose between the
monitor and
the TV? I want to be able to watch TV, or previously recorded programs on TV
through the capture card and still be
able to surf the web on my monitor at the same time. Will the "video out" on
my video card let me do that, or should I buy the video capture card with
the "video out"? Thanks.


Apr 2, 2004
Archived from groups: alt.comp.periphs.videocards.ati (More info?)

Your post is a little bit confusing. Here's what I have:
Gigabyte 9600XT video card
Hauppauge WinTV card .... one of the older ones.
I have cable TV into the WinTV card, and I can
watch TV on my video monitor. I don't have a
second monitor. I can also capture video into the
Hauppauge card, or input VCR, camera, etc ... and
display any of that both while capturing, and later
in AVI or mpg format. I use a program avi2mpg.exe
to compress the AVI , and I also downloaded a
direct to mpg capture program from Hauppauge
that compresses AVI 33 times. I have video out
on both cards .. either TV or monitor .. for a 2nd
monitor. Someday, if prices and quality improve on
those big screen LCD monitors, I have dreams of
putting one up on the wall for DVD movies. Right
now, I play DVD on my 19 inch monitor, and it
looks fine sitting within 5 feet of the monitor ... much
better than my Sony TV. I even have a Walmart
rocking chair of the plastic 100,000 volt kick your
ass shocker type that I can pull up. If they'd invent
some more pc-junk, I'd probably buy it.