ATI vs nVidia Reliability Question


Mar 14, 2011
i want to buy a graphic card but i have a confusion about ATI and Nvidia graphic cards.i want a RELIABLE graphic card under $130
Most graphics cards, particularly the lower end will be similarly reliable. They will be built with stock reference components, so it is not surprising that there is little difference. Higher performing cards will have higher return rates.

Look to vendors that have good warranties and a good support community.
I think EVGA is good for Nvidia, and XFX for amd because of support.
Many cards will have lifetime warranties.

Here is a link to the return rates of some components. It looks like an older list to me:

At the end of the day, don't worry too much about reliability.


Oct 31, 2008
The reliability question is not about ATI/AMD or Nvidia.

Aside from the stock built video cards there are a small number of "better tuned" video cards, and cheaper constructed cards. If you buy a stock board model then you have quality, if you buy a modified card that might be better or worse in terms of quality. But i would not worry that much about it. There are video cards that have a custom PCB made for better overclocking, tweaking and cooling, meaning the parts that go on to the board have a different layout.

For 130$ you have 2 options, you buy a 5770 that is ~100$ + or the faster(but not by much) 550ti witch sells at around 140$ depending on where you buy from.

You might want to check what other owners say about the product you chose and reviews about it also. From personal experience i recommend a video card that does not have stock cooling.

Another important aspect it is to verify how is their customer support, what warranty and how fast can the manufacturer help you fix any problem you might have.

My last 2 cards ware sapphire but did not have any problem with them so i can not help you in that matter.
Also sapphire has a limited 2 year warranty from what i remember.



Apr 24, 2011
a good reliable card for under 130? well xfx has double lifetime warranty for all their cards. and EVGA has really good reliability also. i think the best you can get right now is the 5770 by sapphire which is around 115 or so. all cards come with a 3 year limited warranty


Mar 8, 2011
what??!! XFX and EVGA aren't the only reliable manufacturers, MSI, ASUS and GIGABYTE (and many others) usually make best cards with best cooling, while being high-quality and having very nice support. Also imo lifetime warranty is over-rated. In your price range 768MB GTX 460 will be best choice, and GTX 550 Ti is only few percent ahead of HD 5770, which falls over 10% behind 460. Also if you can add few bucks then this will beat the hell out of all of these cards listed above :


Jul 14, 2006

I don't know, allways had issues with Gigabyte and asus with their often customized bios...making many monitoring tools inaccurate or not working at all.

Powercolor is also solid brand at least in europe.
This all comes down to personal experience i guess but i can tell you that i have had plenty of cards through my hands over the years and after 2 going wrong in quick succession i wont touch a powercolor card again. I was probably unlucky but thats what i have actually had happen.
XFX have legendary customer service. I have yet to hear a bad word said about either the hardware or the company.

All the rest hav eno real negative points im aware of personally. Sapphire get a bad press on most forums for customer service, EVGA are nearly as good as XFX in my book, MSI, ASUS and GIGABYTE all decent brands i wouldn't hesitate to buy.

Sparkle, Palit and Powercolor not so.

Mactronix :)



I know of a few Palit cards that have had no issues but if I have problems with mine I'll let you know.



I wasn't having a pop mate it's just that I see a lot of people put Palit in the 'Not so good' category and the ones that I know of seem OK so I thought I'd try a couple.


the best cards are usually made by ASUS, MSI, and gigabyte, although sometimes other companies/ reference models are designed quite nicely it just all depends on the model of gpu... however more than likely the talon or twin frozr II or asus triple slot model will be vastly superior in cooling and overclocking then the reference model so it just depends, the question is a bit ambiguous. as far as ati and nvidia goes, in my personal opinion amd/ati does not cater very well to the crossfire customer (and of course there are problems in sli) but for the most part I like nvidias drivers better, but I think both are fine for a single GPU config...

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