Ati x1950pro vs getting a new Nvidia GT610


Mar 25, 2008
Hope someone can help me here. I have an older PC running a quad 6600 cpu and I currently use a old ATI x1950pro (256mb) graphics card to drive 2 HP 22" DVI monitors. I do not game. OS is Win7_64bit

I saw a deal on a new Nvidia GT610 card with 1gb memory. It has a d-sub, dvi, and HDMI port and is directx11, win8, etc...
It uses 64bit memory vs the 1950 which has 256bit memory.

My current index score with win7 is 6.0 for both 3D and Aero.

Will the gt610 perform better than the old x1950pro?

I know the 610 will have the latest drivers and win8 support should I go there. I also use Vegas Pro and my x1950 is no longer supported in dual monitor preview mode. The GT610 is cheap enough....but I am afraid I will actually be buying a card with slower performance than my existing x1950.

Any help is appreciated.

Azn Cracker

The gt 610 sucks. According to benchmarks, the x1950 pro better than the gt 610. Just stick with your old card until you can get something more expensive.

IF you are considering spending more. Get the radeon 7770. Its only around $110 with shipping and after rebates and will play any older game on max. Plus it will completely destroy those other 2 cards.

Btw how much are you getting the gt 610 for anyways?