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Atikmpag.sys, Atikmdas.sys BSOD, screen artifacts, and more!


Apr 12, 2012
Im using a Radeon HD Mobility 4870
Well, ill start section one
1: Atikmpag, and Atikmdas, Both of these files take turns on bluescreening my laptop, These are related to the graphics cards drivers, If i delete them, then i can load windows normally, But the graphics card wont load.

2: Screen artifacts.
If i boot the computer without the graphics card drivers, or in safemode [The only ways i can boot it] I have blue lines up an down the screen, I used to have white lines across the screen and blue dots everywhere. Also: This is on an external monitor, my laptops screen decided to stop functioning as soon as this issue started.

and last but not least
3: My graphics card.
I cannot get it to work.
The only way i can boot the laptop is with the card not booting itsself, other wise i get a blue screen.

This rules out Furmark tests, ATI tool tests, ect.

I have reformatted.
Updated my drivers
Uninstalled all drivers,
Reinstalled again, [x5]
Changed the voltage settings in Bios, Removed the RAM and swapped it around.

cleaned out the computers fans.

I have ran out of ideas.
ill post a link to a recent BSOD minidump.


Apr 12, 2012
Alienware m17x-r2

If it is a heat problem, Than its because of previous times it was hot,

Now, it's bad on a fresh start in the morning.

If it is a hardware issue, Is there anything that can be done short of replacing the card?

Ill be getting a new computer around september, i want it to hold out that long.


You can try blowing out the fan intake and exhaust ports (system powered off) with a can of compressed air.

You can also take the system apart and clean the old and apply new thermal compound.

Otherwise, you should only run a stock speeds. Not too many other viable options.

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