Atlhon X2 6000+ or Phenom 8750 ?


Jun 21, 2008
hello folks, i have a problem choosing one of this CPU. i am about to upgrade from Pentium 4HT 3.2.

My problem is, my old PC case has not so many ventilation, only one to be exactly and the Pentium 4 runs so hot, it makes the CPU cooler runs almost 100% most of the time.
So i want to choose a CPU that runs quiet cool even using the stock cooler, and of course they must be cheap.

now from my understanding is, Phenom 8750 is a 45nm cpu while X2 6000+ is a 65nm.. are the differences huge between this cpu when it comes to heats problem?

This is my build:
Atlhon X2 6000+ or Phenom 8750
2x 1GB DDR 2 800mhz
ATI 4850
500W PSU
AM2+ mobo from asrock