Atom x5 z8350 or Celeron N3350


Oct 2, 2016
Hey Guys, I want to buy new pc stick and i think, who have better CPU and GPU? Because my old pc stick has been broken and It use old Atom z3735f.
First Stick has:
Cpu: Intel Atom x5 z8350 (Quad Core CPU)
Ram/HDD: 4GB/64GB
Video: Intel HD 400 (Intel HD 8 Gen)
Second Stick has:
Cpu: Intel Celeron N3350 (Dual Core CPU)
Video: Intel HD 500 (Intel HD 9 Gen)
I will watch films and i use to play youtube videos on this stick too.
I don't use this pc for gaming and I prefer to play 4K video.
The exact performance of these low-power processors can potentially vary from one device to the next, depending on how the processor is cooled among other things, so it's difficult to say for absolute certain unless someone has reviewed both of the exact devices you are looking at. Some benchmarks can be found for them at aggregate sites that allow you to compare combined benchmarks from users though...

Userbench, comparing the Celeron N3350 against the Atom X5-Z8350...

Notebookcheck, comparing your previous Z3735F against the Z8350 and N3350...

Again, it's difficult to say for sure based on aggregate benchmarks of the chipsets alone, since they are undoubtedly used in various kinds of devices, but it looks like the Celeron, while only being dual core, has significantly higher performance per core, enough to pretty much make up for its core deficiency in heavily multithreaded tasks, and should allow for faster performance in lightly-threaded tasks. How that affects performance on a stick PC, I couldn't say for sure though, and finding performance reviews of the exact devices you are looking at would likely be better, should they exist.

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