Attempting to completly restore my computer,or find a soultion to my


Aug 22, 2010
(Continued from title) Problems stated below.

Hello,my name is Jeffery. Im useing windows vista on my HP laptop,and some way or another alot of my functions stopped working. Such as,most downloaded programs wont work anymore,games,AIM,Yahoo messenger,etc. The built in system restore program doesnt have any dates listed for me to restore my computer to,which i was hopeing would be an easy fix for my problem. I also have to Right click and select "run as administrator" just to get firefox and such to open. Iv tried to use the command prompt and the "format C:" command to delete everything and start from scratch, but it sends me a message along the lines of "System partition is not allowed to be formatted". I have my system recovery DVD,but when i start it up, it simply opens a folder with a few items in it,yet it only looks like a list of details about my system or something.Some items though cannot be opend at all, it pops up another folder with a list of programs that im supposed to choose from to open the file with,such as limewire,firefox,adobe read,yahoo messenger,aim...basicly all of my downloaded programs. Am i supposed to use the Recovery DVD this way? It doesnt run like a DVD should,it just opens up that folder... Id like to fix my computer as soon as possible,so any help will be greatly apperciated. Im not very educated with using computers and problems like this, so sorry if im missing something thats really simple.