ATX 2.0 Compliant PSU for AMD64


Sep 5, 2003
I am just about to upgrade my system to an amd64. During my research I noticed that the nf4 boards mostly require a ATX 2.0 (24 pin) power supply. I only bought my current PSU about 6 months ago it is a Antec truepower 430 but this is not 24 pin.

I would rather not have the expense of buying a new PSU. I have heard there are 20 to 24 pin converters are these safe and any good?

I don't want to buy all this new stuff then blow it up!!!!

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Buy a convertor

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Most of the boards you're considering can run off the 20-pin connector. The lugs are keyed so it will go in the right way, offset to one side.

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