Question ATX 20+4 PIN to 8 Pin Power connector


Sep 22, 2016
Hi guys, I am swamping components between 2 towers: old Sony and not so old Dell. Power supply on Sony was upgraded to EVGA Bronze 600W supply with ATX 20+4 PINS, while Dell MB has 8 PIN for power. What can I do? Find a converter 20+4 to 8? Thanks
I am trying to get a better power supply in my new machine and you are suggesting of getting cheap Dell, I already have one, the one I am replacing.
this OEM system does not need a better power supply unless you are also upgrading components that need more power.

if this is the situation then you also need to upgrade the motherboard and more than likely the case to house them in.
may you explain why?
because these boards are not intended to use a retail power supply.
any adapter you use can lead to minor issues like power spikes or shorting out or to major issues like a house fire.