ATX/BTX ; Air/Water


Apr 4, 2005
I'm planning on building a new computer (sometime before summer) and have begun to investigate what components I want. I want the computer to be supersilent (I want to be able to have it always on in my bedroom, so I shouldn't be able to hear it at all at night), at least when it's not under heavy load (I'm not gonna be sleeping with Doom3 running anyway).
I was quite convinced that my next computer would be BTX, since it is designed to be a passive cooling solution, which would allow me to have less and smaller fans. The Problem is I haven't found any BTX components. Is the industry backing BTX at all (other than Intel, of course)? Which components have to be "BTX-compatible" (I suppose motherboard, case and PSU)? I also thought about using temperature-controlled fans, but they would have to be all over the computer (PSU, GPU, CPU, Case, ...) which would make it quite a difficult installation.
I could also forget about air cooling completely and go for a liquid (water?) cooling system, but it seems to me to be quite overkill (I don't plan on overclocking anything). Any suggestions?
By the way, I was thinking of getting something like an Athlon64 3800+ Winchester (socket 939, 90nm). The GPU will probably be an nVidia GeForce something (not sure yet). Thanks for any advice.


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BTX isn't designed for passive cooling, it's not even designed for quieter cooling. It's only designed to provide slightly better cooling at similar noise levels. The push behind BTX was caused by Intel's failure to get Prescott core processors within reasonable thermal levels.

The reason only Intel pushes BTX is because only Intel is having the problem with processors that simply can't be cooled effectively.

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