Question Audio and mic stop working when i open games ?

Dec 16, 2022
This pc is brand new, i received it like 2-3 days ago but everytime i open a game i hear like a static noise and the audio cuts out, my friends in discord stop hearing me (the mic stops working in every app even OBS) and i have to plug out and in the headset if i want it to work again (it doesnt work always, just sometimes.) This problem gets worse if i open Valorant the static thing keep happening like every 10 seconds and it doesnt repair if i plug out and in my headset.

I tried plugging my headset in a USB extender and problem seems to stop but the audio quality i get in my headset is trash when i use it in the extender. It happenned something strange when i tried this because the game was working just fine but when i plugged out my headset from the extender and connect it directly to the computer the game started to freeze and the static thing started again.

The headset works perfectly in my laptop.

I've already tried:
  • format my pc
  • uninstall and reinstall headset drivers
  • disable integrated graphics
  • Disable amd fTPM (the asus page said that there was stutter sometimes with it)
  • uninstall and reinstall USB drivers
  • downgrade (or upgrade) windows 11 to windows 10

My specs:

MOBO: ASUS Prime A320M-K
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5600G
RAM: Kingston Renegade 8 GB 3200mhz x2
GPU: NVIDIA Rtx 2060
PSU: GIGABYTE 550 W 80+ bronze (GP-P550B)