Question Audio and Video Shuttering then windows stop working

paul dala

Nov 1, 2012
Hello, I would like some help with an issue I had for some days now and i can't seem to get around it.
I'm not sure this is the right thread as i couldn't know what the problem actually is or what is causing the issue.

Audio and Video Shuttering for around ~5-10 seconds followed by a black screen with nothing working and only able to power down by holding the power button 'till it closes.
Does this seemingly in random times although its more frequent during games

The events happening in the Event Viewer during the shuttering time are included in the picture " " and " " (all of them ,nothing missing, checked multiple times every time there is the same event pattern in the Event Viewer.)

My specs are included in this Speccy picture " " . If you need something else from Speccy let me know.

Tried :
  1. All windows, driver and graphics card drivers installed and updated.
  2. Checked the temperature of CPU, Graphics Card and the SSD and HDDs, normal to low temperatures.
  3. Ssd and hard drives got Stressed Tested and nothing was out of order.
  4. Changed the SSD as it was my first thought that maybe in was the ssd or operating system's fault. Did a clean install of windows on the new clean SSD. The problem persists.

I would love if i can get some help with that as it has taken a great amount of time trying to find what's wrong with it. Thanks in advance !